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Emergency Fuel Assistance

The Emergency Fuel Assistance program provides financial support to individuals and families to help them purchase heating fuel during the winter months. For example, during the winter of 2002-2003, we assisted approximately 400 families at a cost to the Council of $56,764.23. We were able to do so because of the generous donations we received from local businesses, churches, individuals, and the City of Springfield. In addition, several oil companies responded to our request for free oil deliveries by donating 500 gallons each. In order to help as many people as possible during each winter season, we also work collaboratively with the New England Farm Workers, the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and Citizens' Energy. Our priority recipients are senior citizens, first-time callers, and families with young children. Unfortunately, because our donations dropped to $20,000 in the winter of 2003-2004, we were only able to help 170 families. Please call 413-733-2149 for additional information.

Emergency Support Services
Our Emergency Support Services program assists individuals and families who are in crisis situations with financial support, counseling, and referral services. We receive an average of 50 calls each week from people in personal and financial need. We respond with monetary gifts, as well as guidance through crisis situations and advocacy with utility companies and landlords. While financial hardships are the major request for emergency support, we receive and respond appropriately to crisis calls with pastoral counseling and referrals to other appropriate agencies. Please call 413-733-2143 for additional information.

The Campership program provides scholarships for at-risk youth, enabling them to attend camp during the summer months. Please call 413-733-2149 for additional information.

Faith in Action
Faith in Action is a volunteer care-giving program designed to help elders remain in their homes and maintain their independence. We provide services such as yard and home maintenance, transportation, and assistance with shopping. Please call 413-746-0237 for additional information.

Faith Based After-Incarceration Support Services
Our After-Incarceration Support program provides one-to-one mentoring for individuals who are making a transition back into the community after having been released from prison. In partnership with the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, we have also established a Mentoring Center in which we provide training for mentors, education and awareness seminars, and a central place for aftercare resources for people re-entering the community. We also work in partnership with the Anti-Drug Coalition, visit the Hampden County Prison in Ludlow, and educate the incarcerated regarding the services that are available to them upon their release. Our hope is that through this program recidivism will decrease, thereby providing a safer community and a stronger sense of family. Our target groups are the newly unemployed, the terminally or chronically ill, the homeless, people in recovery, those leaving long-term treatment facilities, and ex-convicts. Please call 413-733-2149 for additional information.

The Council’s Homelessness program targets advocacy issues and provides direct services by developing partnerships and coalitions on behalf of specific families. We also serve on the Mayor's Strategic Planning Committee on Homelessness. Our hopes are to mobilize the religious community, to identify mentors for the homeless, and to develop permanent and affordable housing for all. Please call 413-733-2149 for additional information.

Our Projects:

 . Church Resource Directory
 . Chaplaincy
 . Training: Youth Ministry Forum
 . Live Streaming
 . Fuel Emergency
 . Diapers for Mothers
 . Homelessness Church Hotline
 . Radio station for members
 . Food Cards
 . Office Supplies for Churches
 . Youth Data Base
 . Hygiene & Baby Kits
 . Bible Study for Clergy
 . Youth Hotline

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